Acrotrix Regional Training (A.R.T.) is the worlds' first online and in-person Acro program.

We intentionally set out to increase your knowledge of the art as parents, whilst simultaneously developing your child to become an advanced and elite acro performer through weekly training.



During the term, some sessions will be completed online, live, over Zoom with our expert coaches in your region, following a new challenging and exciting syllabus.


The students learn fundamental Handstand techniques, sensational tumbling combos, and everything in between.

Halfway through the term, and also at the end, there will be two 3hour long intensive workshops, dedicated to teaching your child amazing acro skills in person.


YOU will also be shown how physically hand-support skill if you choose to!




There will be a parent Q&A every session for you to discuss skills best practice, how to address common errors, and how to correct them, specific to your child.

The coaches will also go through the safety measures and inherent risks of the acro skills. We treat you right :)

At the end of each term, there will be an Award Ceremony, celebrating the achievements of your child, and socials, after the final intensive workshops. 

There ain't no party like an Acrotrix Party!




This is a clear visual representation of the schedule of classes during the term

Weeks 1 - 5 will be 2hr online acro sessions with expert coaches

Weeks 7-10 will reflect the same structure as weeks 1-5







week commencing

14 september 2020


Where we currently operate

We are working to cover all regions in the UK and Ireland. If we do not currently cover the region you live in, you can apply for the nearest region. You must be able to travel to the region twice per term for the Intensives



Full price for 11- week term (24hours of expert teaching)

There is a one-off £21.00 membership fee which includes insurance for the year (12months)


Frequently asked questions

The Online Classes

How long are the sessions, and when are they?

The online sessions are 2hrs long. The Intensives (face to face) are 3hours long. Each region differs regarding which day the session will be.

What equipment and other things will my child need?

The students require at least: a gym mat, yoga blocks, and exercise bands. An Airtrack is advised, but not compulsory. Acrotrix Uniform will be made available, and is compulsory.

Do you do awards / measure progress?

Yes! We have a very detailed awards scheme, which allows students and parents to easily keep track of progress. We even have Graduation events too.

The Face to Face Workshops

I don't understand the intensives?

This is where it all comes together. We get to teach your child in person, finalising any skills they were practicing during online lessons. We also teach you how to hand-support skills too (if you're interested).

Where will the Intensives be?

Each region will specify the location of their Intensives at the start of each A.R.T. term. The locations will allow for ample parking, easy access via public transport, and will follow any government guidelines, policies and procedures in place.

The venues will cater to both students and spectating parents too.

Are the Intensives extra cost?

No! They are included in the price for the term. You will have nothing extra to pay, to attend these amazing intensive face to face workshops.

Logistics & Locations

When does the program start?

Everything kicks off in September.

If I live in a different region, or country, can I still apply?

Absolutely. In the event you live in remote area, or outside the UK, and therefore can't physically attend the intensives, you can still apply, and be part of the program. We wouldn't want to turn any great talent away!

How do I know which region we're in?

Easy! Find out by heading to this page and entering your post code prefix in the search bar. E.g If your post code is WD23 2DR, you would search for WD.

Auditions & Applying

Can anyone do this, is there an ability / age limit?

We are catering for all students from birth year 2013.
We will be splitting the classes into age groups as well as current experience, to ensure all ages are training alongside each other. For more information on age splits, find this here.

How do we start / get in?

This is an application based program. You will need to apply by way of our application form which includes a video audition, giving the student the opportunity to show their best techniques and skills.

What do we have to do in the audition?

You have to complete an audition video of the skills listed here. Then, upload the video along with your application. There is a place for you to upload the video, and a headshot, in the application form online. Click here to apply!


So do I need to be able to teach my child then?

No. We will be teaching your child. We will also be teaching you how to assist, for when they are practicing between lessons. We want to DEVELOP your knowledge as parents too.

Once we're on the program, is there anything else I need to do?

You will be asked to purchase uniform child, and will need to sign a few documents for photography use, ACROTRIX policies and procedures around Safeguarding, esafety and handbook. Other than that, you can sit back, and wait for the Q&A in the sessions :)


To make an enquiry, please take the time to fill out the information below.