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Performing at AXL



If you are here, it is because we have reached out to you personally, to be a group performance opener on our main stage.  We don't just ask anyone 😎

If you have reached this page for pure interest, and are desperate to be selected for a main stage performance, please reach out to the team at 📩

The Stage

The Stage

The stage area is a sprung wood floor surface, akin to that of most major Dance Studios and sports centres. 

The size is aroppoximately 12m long x 8m deep.

The Stage area will be professionally lit with stage lighting.

Ability Levels

Ability Levels

As you will be opening the day with your group performance, we expect students are of a good standard of acrobatics or tumbling 🔥

We expect to see Aerials, Tumbling, Lifts and more 🤸‍♀️

Please do not accept if your students are not capable of the above.



These are non competitive performances, however we will be recognising the stand out performance of the day. That school will receive a prize on us 🎁



Entries are by invitation only. 

If you have accepted an invite, you will be sent a form to complete with all necessary details.

Payments | Refunds

Payments for the competition are payable via our website. 


NO REFUNDS will be given, bar a case of force majeure or cancellations due to government restrictions on public gatherings. 



Events will not be cancelled in the event of poor or inclement weather. In the event that is necessary for us to cancel an event we will notify guests using the email used to book the tickets and post a notification on our website or via social media or by a combination of the above.


Acrotrix will not be held liable for any incidental costs that occur as a result of cancellation including but not exclusive to costs relating to: travel, hotel, restaurants or food and drink purchases. Acrotrix reserves the right to cancel events for any reason. 


Tickets and Refunds

Tickets are emailed to guests. A booking confirmation email will be sent at the time of booking and this booking confirmation email serves as the ticket for this event. We do not post tickets or booking confirmations. We cannot guarantee entry without the original purchase reference number and e-ticket. A charge may apply for replacement tickets. Acrotrix reserves the right to ask for identification of an individual and admission to an event may be withheld at the company’s discretion. No refund will be due. Tickets are sold for use by the buyer only (and their party) and are not for resale for commercial gain by the holder. We reserve the right to cancel tickets and refuse entry where this condition is breached, or where we have reason to suspect there is a breach. Refunds are only available in the event of a total cancellation where the event cannot be rescheduled and where the transfer of tickets to other events is not possible.


Refunds cannot be authorised by event staff and all enquiries should be emailed to All refunds made via the website will be made within 28 days of the cancelled event to the card with which the payment was made.

Payments | Refunds
Limits (Age & Time)

Limits (Age, time etc)

  • Max 5min limit per performance

  • Max 15 students per performance

  • Minimum Age 6yrs

  • Max 2 performances (depending on No. schools)

If you have any queries please reach out to us



Music is uploaded via our website, latest 2 weeks (14 calendar days) before the event date. 


Failure to do this will result in cancellation without refund.



Price per school: £125

This includes the following:

✅ 2 x Group Performances up to 30 students in total - worth £360

✅ 50% off General Entry tickets for up to 30 students - worth £225


Professional Video Footage of each performance - worth £90

Total Value: £675

You pay: £125

Accept Your Invite

Acrotrix LIVE 2023
Acrotrix LIVE 2023
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04 Jun 2023, 07:30 BST
Queens' School Sports Centre
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