Acrotrix Teacher Training Courses


Minimum Requirements for this course:

Have some knowledge of dance

Age Eligibility for this course:

18yrs & over

What you will learn

Learn the foundations of Acro, the Acrotrix Method and more. We'll equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to start your own Acro classes, or to develop current classes. 

Skills include:

  • Splits / Flexibility for acro

  • Conditioning & Exercises specific to Acro

  • Rolls and variations

  • Different Cartwheels

  • Walkover techniques

  • Round off and tumbling techniques

  • and more!

The first course is taken online, with the further Levels to be attended in person. 


Each Course carries both a Theory Test and a Practical Assessment. The practical assessment is a simple video submission of your teaching.

Once you have passed both assessments for Acrotrix Acro Level 1, you become a fully qualified Acrotrix Teacher and can teach the skills you learned within that Level. The same applies for both Level 2 and Level 3.

What you need On the Day

The courses are around from 6 hours each, and are 1 day courses each. 

For Level 1, you only need:

  • A Pen

  • Desk to sit at

  • Ipad or Laptop for the Zoom meeting

  • (no student required)

For Levels 2 and 3, you will need 2 students for the in-person course

Price for Level 1:


Price for Level 2:


Price for Level 3:


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