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Acrotrix Teacher Training Courses

Assistant Acro

Minimum Requirements for this course:

None required

Age Eligibility for this course:

14 years & Over

What the student will learn

If you are an older student (or a Dance Teacher wishing to empower your older students), this is for you. 

Attendees become qualified as an Assistant Acrotrix Acro Teacher. 


  • Learning the foundations of Acro

  • Skills Analysis methods

  • Handstand & walkover techniques

  • Spotting techniques

  • The 5 Pillars of Exper Teaching

  • and more

This course is taken online.


This course carries only a Theory Test - no Practical Assessment. 

Once you have passed the assessment for this course, you become a fully qualified Assistant Acrotrix Teacher and can teach the skills you learned within this course under the direct supervision of a fully insured and qualified Acrotrix Teacher who has a minimum qualification of Acrotrix Acro Level 1.

What you need On the Day

This course is around 4 hours, and is a 1 day course. 

For this, you only need:

  • A Pen

  • Desk to sit at

  • Ipad or Laptop for the Zoom meeting

  • (no student required)

Book a Course.

We have courses Live or On Demand

  • Dates: 24 Mar | 28 Apr | 26 May | 30 June | 28 July

    199 British pounds
  • DATES: 23 Feb | 22 Mar | 26 Apr | 24 May | 28 June | 26 Jul

    399 British pounds
  • UPCOMING DATES: 17 Mar | 19 May

    499 British pounds
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