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We take on ONLY 5 clients each month for this Accelerator program. Find out if there is still space this month!

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Multiply Your Income. Teach Less.

Save you over 100 hours in admin, including research and planning

Work around your schedule, working on your weaknesses, and turn you into an expert

Solve all your worries, issues and anxieties about teaching acro

Give you all the resources you'd ever need. Ever.

Guarantee you extra income by ensuring you fill your classes, first time round.

What the Acrotrix Accelerator Program will do for you.

Join this months cohort

We ONLY take on 5 clients each month for this Accelerator program.


You don't want just another course - you want growth.

In an ideal life, you’d be sitting back, chillin’ with your dream outcomes for your school or academy. It’d probably look something like this:

You learn how to teach Acro on your own time, or as part of our Live courses - literally whenever you want, or have the time. No restrictions.

You learn in stages, and apply what you learn to your very next lesson

You not only know how to teach Acro, but you have a pipeline of teachers qualified who can teach it too

You never have to worry about getting cover, ever again

You feel just as comfortable at teaching Acro as you do any other discipline - you literally know the in’s and out’s back to front

You are 100% guaranteed to pass the practical courses, and you’re not stressing whatsoever

You know how to market the classes without spending hours on Canva or paying someone to do a mediocre job wasting money boosting Facebook Posts

Your Acro classes are at 100% capacity and you have waitlists coming out of your ears

Your students can all do some cool tricks, rather than just the 3 or 4 who have a natural talent, or do gymnastics somewhere

Your shows / performances are full of tricks and crowd pleasers

Your income explodes because Acro is driving the growth of the school as now they want to try different classes in addition to Acro

You’ve already made your money back within 12 weeks of completing the program

All your worries. Gone.

You’re probably wondering about / worried about various things that may stop you from joining the program. No need to worry about:

Which course to take - not knowing the differences


Not being able to afford the program all in one go


Not being able to fit the course in at a specific time


Not having any experience in acro whatsoever




Having enough time to practice teaching methods


Forgetting everything you learned when being assessed


Not having any students who can do any acro


Understanding the process


Taking a long time to get to a confident level of teaching


Not being able to demonstrate (you don't need to. Trust us.)


Not knowing how to structure a class


Not knowing what to do with students of different abilities in classes

Being unsure how to be efficient in marketing to fill classes


Not having a clue what equipment is needed


Not being sure how to expand and grow the classes

What you're actually getting.

Foundations of acro course (£179)

3x Assistant Course places for 14-18yrs (3 teachers) (£537)


3x Acrotrix Acro Level 1 Course places (3 teachers) (£897)


1x Acrotrix Acro Level 2 Course place (£349)


Ultimate Acro Class Resource Pack (£2,225)


Acrotrix Early Years Syllabus Level 1 Pack (£199)


Acrotrix Early Years Syllabus Level 2 Pack (£199)


Acrotrix Beginner Acro Syllabus Pack (£199)


Acrotrix Intermediate Acro Syllabus Pack (£199)


Acrotrix Advanced Acro Syllabus Pack (£199)


3 Months 24/7 Access to private Accelerator Group



7-Step Marketing Acro classes Plan Pack (£1,680)


Discount code for Acro equipment (£350)


Student Exams Discount for 100 students (£725)

Total Value = £9,380

You Pay = £1,995(+VAT)


Listen to some who've taken our courses...

"Really enjoyed the course"

"was absolutely fantastic"

"It's brought more revenue to my business"

"it was brilliant, really informative"

"Easy and accessible way for teachers"

"my students have gone from strength to strength"

Frequently Asked Questions.

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